We Are The Zouks

Zouk is a French Creole word originally used to refer to a popular dance based on the Polish dance, the mazurka (mazouk), which was introduced to the French Caribbean in the 19th Century. Zouk or Zouk béton is a fast tempo, carnival-style of music originating from the Caribbean islands in the Lesser Antilles and popularized by the group Kassav in the 1980s.

While the islands of Dominica and Saint Lucia are officially English-speaking there is still a very strong base who still speak the language though the actual number of speakers appears to have declined in the past decades, it has gone from being seen as a sign of lower socio-economic status, banned in school playgrounds, to a mark of national pride.

St Lucia is one of four islands in the Caribbean known for its zouk music, and so a fitting name for the Lucian team is the St Lucia Zouks™. The logo is a colourful mixture of blues and yellows with a flame symbol that is derived from the national coat of arms, representing a desire to win.

The two characters in the logo are based on a combination of a classic zouk dance pose, a cricketer hitting a six and a backwards dive catch, all depicting the team spirit that franchise players Darren Sammy and Herschelle Gibbs will surely bring to the CPL.

St Lucia Zouks LogoSir Lancealot

Listen to our song: Zouks On Fire by Sir Lancealot


Download the Zouks On Fire lyrics here